Accept Alipay and Wechat pay from your private students in China

**NOTICE: myteachershop is not currently accepting new applications.

Myteachershop is an online payment service created to help online teachers accept Alipay and Wechat payments from their clients in China.

Created in 2020 by an independent online teacher.

The payment hurdle

In 2019 I was taking my first steps toward independent teaching, and I ran straight into the payment hurdle.

Alipay or Wechat pay is almost necessary to do business with parents in China, but these platforms require you to verify your account with a Chinese bank card. For this you need a Chinese bank account.

A payment solution

But after searching some more, I learned that one way to accept Alipay and Wechat pay is through integration with Stripe, which is a global payment processor based in San Francisco. So using this, I built a China-facing website which can accept Alipay and Wechat pay.

Fast forward to today, a lot of teachers are thinking about teaching privately, owning a teaching business. Many teachers are asking questions about starting their own teaching business. One of the big life-line questions is how to get paid from China. It wouldn’t be easy or cheap for every teacher to build this kind of website for themselves. There needed to be built a solution to the payment hurdle which every teacher can use.

Myteachershop gives every teacher a personal payment page that they can use to accept Alipay and Wechat pay from their own clients in China.  The pages are made to be visible in mainland China, and use a Stripe integration to accept Chinese payments.  

Frequently asked questions

What are the fees? ** updated to include set-up fee due to high volume of demand**

Set-up fee: $30 (if your application is approved).

transaction fee: 5-6% total per transaction.  Example:  if your customer sent 100 dollars, you would receive 94 dollars.  The 6 dollar fee goes to pay for transaction fees to Stripe ($3) and Transferwise ($1).

What is the currency?

The currency is presented as USD on the payment page, but the Chinese customer will pay the equivalent amount in RMB.  The payment is received by me as USD, and I can pay it out to your in the currency you need.

Is the website visible in China?

Yes.  Your payment page will finish loading in 5-8 seconds in Beijing.  The website is hosted in Hong Kong, and it is designed to be visible inside the firewall.

Can I connect my own Stripe account to receive payments directly?

Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.  My ultimate goal is to offer direct payments to connected Stripe accounts at a 5% fee.  But that’s the future.

Are there any other fees?

No.  There isn’t any set-up fee or membership fee.  Only the transaction fee.  

Will I get traffic?

You can share your payment page link with your own private clients.  Other students will not see your page.

How do I get my own private students?

This is just a payment solution, not a way to get students.  But there are good ways to acquire your own clients.   I like to recommend offering a weekly free group class, and growing that using a fb page.