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Learn English because it is lively. Language is the vehicle for self-expression, understanding and creativity.  Rather than focusing heavily on the technical aspects of English, my lessons build a warmth for the language as a whole through dynamic word play, English verse and human interaction.  I love connecting with people and I love teaching.  If you are a student who learns well through creative fun, laughter, exchange or genuine conversation, you and I will work well together.

When it comes to learning English, there is nothing better than live one-on-one instruction. Each lesson is tailored to meet the individual student’s learning needs, interests and preferences. Yet, all lessons include practicing oral English skills be they self-expression, conversation, dialogues or pronunciation, as well as always learning new vocabulary words. A one-on-one lesson may also include any of the following: learning a poem or song, reading text, playing word games or taking up English activities, practicing a specific dialogue or typical oral exchange, phonics and other grammar rules.

Each lesson includes a post-class summary of the vocabulary words and dialogues we learned, areas to practice and suggestions for improvement.  Homework is optional. Please let me know if you wish to receive homework.

After signing up with this link, you can proceed to payment.  All lessons will happen on Voovmeeting. Voov is part of WeChat. Please look in WeChat and locate Voov.  I will send you a link for our lesson.

使用此链接注册后,您可以继续付款。所有课程将在Voovmeeting上进行。 Voov是微信的一部分。请在微信中查找并找到Voov。我将向您发送本课程的链接。


Here is the url to book a lesson: https://calendly.com/evolve123j/english-lesson

英语因为有趣才去学 语言是自我表达 理解及创造力的工具我们的课程是通过生动的词汇表演 英文诗歌还有人与人之间的交流把英语这种需要作为一个整体而营造一个温暖的氛围 而不是重在一种语言的技巧学习 我喜欢与人交流 热爱教学 如果你想通过趣味 欢笑 交流 对话的方式学习语言 我们会合作的很好
当说到英语学习 没有比一对一的现场指导更好的形式了每一节课都是专门针对每个学生的需求 兴趣和喜好而制定的 所有的课程都包括练习口语 只要他们能自我表达 交流 对话或者发音 与此同时也学到了新的词汇 一对一的课程会包括一下任何一种形式 :诗歌的学习 阅读文本 词汇表演 参与活动 练习对话或口语交流 语音及其他语法规则的学习
每一节课后都会有学过的词汇和对话的总结 还有练习的空间和提高的建议 作业是可选择的 如果你想有作业可以告诉我 这有订阅一节课的链接


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