Sinead’s Online English Class

Live, 1-on-1 online English class with Teacher Sinead.


  • Live, 1-on-1
  • 27 minutes
  • $12.50 USD

What to expect in my class?

Learning is easy if you’re having a good time so always expect fun…but only in English!

We will play games, read and tell stories, discuss interesting and creative topics all to improve your speaking, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing.

Each class will be 27 minutes and we will follow a program that’s suitable for your level.

In my English classes I always encourage students to speak and get involved! This helps with feeling confident and creates a positive learning environment so the student will see better results and be a more successful learner.

Learning English is more than just learning vocabulary, grammar rules and sentence structures. It’s about feeling comfortable so it flows naturally and this is how students learn in my class.

I love animals, stories, travel and food, so do most kids this makes it easy keeping their attention.