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Start your love for learning right here, with me, Bronwen.

I have over 13 years teaching experience, in classroom and online. I am available to cater for all levels of the English language learning, whether you are a beginner or you are looking to improve your conversational skills. I tailor the classes and / or curriculum to suit your needs and the goals you would like to achieve.

I believe that learning, especially a language needs be fun and enjoyable. So while the technical aspects of English will be taught, it will be done in a comfortable, creative and inviting environment. Aspects that can be covered, but not limited to are phonics, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and every lesson will include some conversation.

Classes can  include videos, music, songs, poems and games. After each class I will send you a summary of the content covered, areas to practise and possible areas to improve on. I am also able to assign homework, it would be class / curriculum related – but homework is optional and you can advise on whether you would like it or not.

Classes are 30 minutes long.

Assessments are optional too – you can advise if you would like assessments to be done to reinforce what is being learnt.

After signing up with this link and making payment, you would need to download Zhumu ( http://www.zhumu.me/ ) , as the classes will take place on there. I will email my Personal Meeting ID to you once you have completed the payment. Please could you include your English name when you sign up.

I am looking forward to meeting you and starting your love for learning journey!!!


After purchase, contact me and let’s set up a schedule!


number of lessons | 课数

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