Ten Group Lessons. 十堂课。 Shí táng kè.


A package of ten group English lessons.


Yī bāo shí gè xiǎozǔ yīngyǔ kèchéng.


Group English lessons provide an opportunity to practice speaking English with other students. Each of these lessons has a focused activity such as learning a craft, acting, playing a word game, or practicing a specific conversation pattern.  With our attention placed on a fun activity or artistic craft, English becomes an essential tool to achieve success. Together we share the joy of learning while communicating in English.

Class size is between three to five students. This class is recommended for upper level beginner students to intermediate.

Materials are required for some lessons such as paper, pencil, etc.  Please check the email link to the meeting for information on class material requirements. 

A package of ten group lessons saves you $1 off each lesson.

After signing up with this link, you can proceed to payment.  All lessons will happen on Voovmeeting. Voov is part of WeChat. Please look in WeChat and locate Voov.  I will send you a link for our lesson.

使用此链接注册后,您可以继续付款。所有课程将在Voovmeeting上进行。 Voov是微信的一部分。请在微信中查找并找到Voov。我将向您发送本课程的链接。


Here is the link to book a lesson:

大班课提供给学生的是与其他学生交流的机会每节课都重在活动的参与 比如技巧 词汇游戏 还有特定情景的对话表演因为我们的注意力都放在了活动的趣味性和艺术技巧上 英语便成为了通向成功的必要条件 跟我们一起通过交流享受英语学习的快乐吧
班型是三到五个学生 这样的课推荐水平高的或中级水平的学生
有些课需要一些学具 比如 纸 铅笔等 请关注电邮链接确定所需的学具
大班十节课平均每节课省1 元




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