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  • 1:1 conversation


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  • Demo: pre-built, hosted website for an independent teacher


    This website is:

    • visible in mainland China,
    • can accept Alipay payments,
    • can do group classes up to 100 participants, and
    • is pre-built with integrated booking calendar, payment solutions, and zoom meetings.

    I offer pre-built websites like this one for independent teachers who are starting out.  These cost a 1-time fee of $49 to set up, and then 10% per transaction.  You can order a website by scheduling a consultation with me via the booking calendar below, or request more information by email:

  • LENS class #1 with teacher Tom


    This is a focused, personalized business English class.  I will coach you in conversation to sound professional in your career.  Open the door to a world of business beyond borders.

  • LENS class #2 with teacher anna


    Discover learning and play with Teacher Anna!  Together we will sing the ABC song and learn our numbers.  Your child will get a head start on school, and be exposed to English interactions.

  • Saturday – Group conversation class

    Gain confidence, connect in a relaxed environment and work with our group to develop your speaking skills in this 40 minute class.  This class would be suitable for B1 and above.

  • Free Trial class – Live One to One

    Please email – to book your free class

  • Example 1:1 conversation


    This is an example 1:1 class.  You can limit the class to 1 student per time slot.  You can set the product image to be your own face.

  • Placeholder

    Zoom English Club


    A fun group for speaking English in a social setting.

  • Trial Lesson. 足迹课 Zújì kè

    Sale! $8.00 $4.00

    20-minute trial English lesson.
    20 Fēnzhōng de shìyòng yīngyǔ kè.

Showing 1–10 of 87 results