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My name is Karen ,  I am a native English speaker from the UK.  I have been teaching for 20 + years in England as well as online.  I have taught students from China, Indonesia, France, Spain, and many other countries.  My family and I were a host family and we loved the diversity of our guests/students’ in our home.   I am a qualified teacher in UK and have many teaching qualifications, including a TESOL Certificate.

A little bit about me; I am a wife, mother, I have six grown up children and four beautiful grandchildren.  I love all things nature and I craft to make beautiful things.

I understand how difficult it is to learn a new language and I am empathetic to the difficulties you may face.

Now the good bit about teaching with me!  I always make my classes/lessons fun, interactive and engaging with lots of opportunities to expand our topics and any words, phrases you need to understand further.

Therefore you don’t need to worry or feel nervous in my classes because I am patient, kind and understanding.  My goal is to make you feel comfortable and help you to achieve your goals.

We will work on pronunciation, intonation, punctuation and grammar.

We will also learn new vocabulary each day.  This approach will help you to become more confident when speaking and improve your fluency.

If you would like a trial at a reduced rate or book full course packages with me, please check and read all of the options.

I can’t wait to become your new teacher.  Bye for now, Teacher Karen :)

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