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我教的是初级或中级的中国学生,年龄是五岁到成人。我的课程能提高学生的口语能力和对英语的鉴赏能力,及对英语的热爱。在我的课堂上充满了各种活动,歌曲、诗歌 故事和游戏。当然最重要的是与孩子的交流 通过快乐学习,挑战学习,还有人类特有的交流能力。爱上你所学的东西可以建立起你对英语一生的兴趣。 我可以为每个学生量身定做学习方法,使他们提高口语 、阅读、 发音及词汇技巧 。
我具有加拿大 美国国籍 现居住美国 是waldorf的资深教师 任教25年 我的课程与waldorf理念相符合

I teach beginner and intermediate English to Chinese students from ages five to adult. My lessons help students improve their oral English skills AND develop a deeper appreciation and love for the English language. Lessons with me are lively and rich in creativity, song, poetry, story and games; but, most of all: connection. To love what one is learning through joy, challenge and genuine human connection builds life-long interest. I tailor lessons to each student's individual learning goals be they improving speaking, reading, pronunciation or vocabulary skills.

Who Am I? I am both a Canadian and American citizen currently living in the U.S.A. I am a certified Waldorf teacher and have taught people ages 3 to adult for over 25+ years. My lessons incorporate Waldorf methods. I have many other additional teacher certifications including ESL and language acquisition trainings.

If you wish to contact me, you can find me on WeChat. My WeChat ID is:  JacquelineGabe.  I would love to hear from you.

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