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嗨,我是Nay​​老师!我是在线ESL / EFL老师。我为4至12岁的初学者和中级学生教授一对一英语课程。我已经任教12年,最近3.5年在网上任教。我为学生提供了练习词汇,阅读,口语和写作的机会。我很随和,将使学习变得有趣。学生可以从字母表的基本知识发展到语音和阅读。我会鼓励你的学生用完整的句子讲。我长大并居住在美国,所以有北美口音。我期待在教室与您的学生会面。||||  Hi, I'm Teacher Nay!  I am an online ESL/EFL teacher.  I teach 1-on-1 English classes to beginner and intermediate students aged 4 to 12 years old. I have been teaching for 12 years and taught for the last 3.5 years online.  I offer an opportunity for my students to practice vocabulary, reading, speaking, and writing.  I am very easy going and will make learning fun. Students can progress from a basic knowledge of the alphabet, to phonics and reading.  I will encourage your student to speak in full sentences. I grew up and live in the USA, so I have a North American accent. I look forward to meeting your student in the classroom.

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